Capture or Take Screenshot Of Any Window With Schirmfoto

Capturing screenshot could be a difficult task sometimes in windows, specially when you are not used to using screenshot capturing programs which can be difficult to understand some times, if you are using windows 7 or vista you can use the default windows screenshot program to capture screenshots of a window, a region, entire monitor screen or a free from capture.

If you don’t want to use windows default screenshot program then you can use some other utilities like 7Capture, Screenshoter, Screensnap [ For Mobile Phones Screenshot Capture ] and another way to capture screenshot and share it online with friends or contact. Just in case if you want to capture the printscreen of a any window opened without much pain – then here is a simple, free and easy to program called Schirmfoto

Schirmfoto is the easiest way of creating screenshots. It integrates itself into your Windows system by adding a new button in the title bar of each window. Clicking this icon will create a screenshot for you.


Some Key Features Of This Program

  • Create screenshots within seconds
  • Save screenshots to PNG, JPG, RTF (Word) or even PDF
  • Print screenshots, email them or copy them top your clipboard
  • Include watermarks into your screenshots
  • For Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • Free of charge :-)

There can be two ways you can take the screenshot of a window, as shown and explained in the image below.


In order to use this program you would need to register for free, using a valid email id as on that email id you will receive the unlock code, here is how you register this program as shown in the image below.


Once you have entered the unlock code you get on your email, you can start using the program to take the screenshot of any windows, as it adds a button on every opened, adjacent to minimise button. After you took the screenshot you can either export it as pdf, html or in popular image formats like png, jpg and bmp etc.


This is very simple and nice program, and it does what it promise – so a nice useful program for a specific use.

Download Schirmfoto to take screenshot of any window in windows

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