Capture Monitor Screen and Upload, Share Link On Mac OS X With GrabBox

In the past, we have talked about various desktop based sharing apps, which work in the background, upload your files to the cloud and place links to your files on your clipboard for easy sharing, some examples being and Skitch. There are a lot of such apps for Mac OS X today, with each being slightly different in its own way, specializing in some unique feature that sets it apart from the rest of the apps.

GrabBox is another such apps which is designed solely to make sharing of screenshots on the internet easier and quicker. As you might have guessed from the name, GrabBox uses DropBox as a service for sharing screenshots automatically and generating URLs. For those who are unfamiliar with DropBox, its a service that syncs all the content of a particular folder on your local system automatically with its cloud and is therefore accessible from anywhere, also as a convenient and easy means to share files.

Since GrabBox focusses only on sharing of screenshots, all of its controls facilitate some of the most requested features for screenshot sharing apps. After you setup GrabBox, using it is pretty straightforward. Whenever you capture a screenshot using the Mac OS X built-in screen-grabber, GrabBox moves the screenshot to your DropBox Public folder automatically, and places the DropBox link to the screenshot on your clipboard. It also generates a Growl notification.

Apart from this basic functionality, you can configure GrabBox to –

  • Ask you before uploading a screenshot. When you take a screenshot, a Growl notification pops up informing you of the screenshot that was taken. If you click the notification, the screenshot is uploaded and link is placed on your clipboard. This way you can choose which screenshots are uploaded and which are not, with just 1 additional click
  • Allow you to change the screenshot name before uploading, in case you want to put in a more descriptive name than the default numbered/dated scheme.
  • Either remove the original screenshot from your desktop or leave it intact.
  • Shorten the DropBox URL with a shortener such as

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