Capture Full Page Websites Snapshots On Mac OS X

Mac OS X is a wonderful operating system, which has an in-built feature that allows you to take screenshots by some simple shortcuts, as already discussed in a previous post I wrote.

Even though a lot of different options are provided (window, desktop, region) with the Mac OS X screenshot utility, taking screenshots of content that does not fit in the screen at once (has vertical or horizontal scrolling), such as websites, is not possible with this tool.

Paparazzi is a freeware tool for Mac OS X developed by Nate Weaver that allows you to take screenshots of complete webpages and save them in the open PNG format. This can be done in as simple as 2 steps. Apart from the basic functionality, Paparazzi provides many more advanced features such as batch downloading and post processing of PNGs.

The default UI is very clean and consists of just basic functionality, with the advanced options hidden in preferences dialog and menus.

A list of features from Paparazzi worth mentioning –

  • Support for preset sizes – A webpage may look different in different browsers depending on the rendering and CSS support that is included in the browser. This may change the size of webpages in different browsers, depending on the alignment and placing of images, text size etc. By setting a preset size, you can control the dimensions of the screenshot output.
  • Live Preview and Full Screen mode – As the webpage is retrieved, you can see a live preview of the loading of the page. You can also switch to full screen mode, and view how the screenshot will look like before actually saving it.
  • Interact with Web View – If you want to take a screenshot of an internal page (which does not have a permanent link) or is dependent on input, for example an email web view or any website that requires you to login, then you can interact with the website and reach the page that you want to get a screenshot of.
  • Crop – If you require only a specific portion of a website to be screenshotted, you can set a width and height for cropping the resultant grab. It saves you the trouble of opening an image editor just for cropping the image.

Paparazzi was inspired by the command line tool webkit2png (which is written in Python), but Paparazzi is written in Cocoa, and the nice GUI frontend makes it a wonderful tool, which can certainly come in handy.

Download Paparazzi