Can You Upgrade From Windows 7 To Windows 8 Developer Preview ?

No! – But before you understand why there is a strong No to this question is that windows 8 developer preview cant be uninstalled at the first place, so the only thing you can do with windows 8 dev preview is that you can do a clean install on xp, vista or windows 7, the only thing you need is a drive on your computer with around 15 -20 GB of free space needed to install windows 8 on it without deleting any files on that drive.

windows 8 dev preview

Or else you can install windows 8 dev preview in a virtual environment, follow the detailed guide here


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  1. sibin says

    NO Windows 8 need only 10GB HDD.But you need to reduce your virtual RAM.No upgrading is possible…Only fresh install is possible…Check my site 7chip[dot]com for more info….

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