Calculate Heart Beat Rate With Android Phone

Android phone market has got a firm establishment and the Android Market is uploaded with plenty of apps on a regular basis. The new application is useful as well as interesting since it lets you measure your heart beat. Strange? It is not for sure.

Known as the Instant Heart Rate, the application offers you its most unique feature of calculating your heart beat rate by using the default camera of your phone, which is present at the back. The application is available in free as well as paid version. The free one is called as Instant Heart Rate whereas the paid one is Instant Heart Rate Pro which could be bought for approximately $3.

On the initialization of the app the very first screen will answer all your questions regarding the application’s working, which I believe is the most important question which definitely has crossed your mind. The page says that the user needs to place his or her finger on the phone’s camera, covering it completely and not applying any pressure so that blood flow is not restricted.

Instant Heart Rate AndroidInstant Heart Rate Android1

A thing to make note of is that the application works best with a phone having led flash. So once you place your finger on the camera the application will start measuring the beats per minute as soon as it senses the right time and after that you will have to keep your finger there for the next 10 seconds before which it calculates the average of your heart beats per minute.

The pictures above depict my heart rate as 76 beats per minute and it seems to be close to what a medical instrument can measure. The application also lets you share the results on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google+, Bluetooth etc. The application also keeps a history of your measuring sessions and one can also store it on his or her own by click on the Store button on the periphery of the circle.

Instant Heart Rate Android2Instant Heart Rate Android4

I am sure you will be amazed to see the results of the app so just don’t sit idle and download the free version right now. Link provided below.

Download Instant Heart Rate – [Android Market]

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