Cache Link in Google Search Results Page, Where and Why?

You must have observed that recently many changes occurred on Google Search home page and other web applications offered, so it is obvious that some of the users must have faced little difficulty while adjusting to it. One of the problems was regarding the placement of the cache link for the websites on the Google Search results page. In this post we will tell you that how can you see the Cache page of the website.


For your information, let me tell you that Cache pages are the pages kept in reserve for the website when it was running perfectly last time. These might be useful if you want to visit any of the website which is not working on that moment of time or it is under maintenance during the point of time when you wanted to check it. Then you can click the link named ‘Cached’ which will show you the page when it was running perfectly last time.


Initially this link used to be under the name of the website or in front of the links on the Google Search results page but now you cannot see them directly anywhere around the links, the screenshot of the same have been shown at the top of the post. If you want to see the cached link then you will have to click the double arrow sign in order to see the preview sub-window and then on that window you can see that link in front of the website address.

The new updates have been made in order to make the search results page simpler and more spacious as most of the times users do not need this link, so if they want it then they can click the preview button and then click that cached link. I hope that this post helps you to locate the Cached link and understand that should we use that link. Please let us know if you face any other problem while dealing with these new updates from Google.

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