Buy, Purchase iPad 2 In India On 29 April 2011 [Official Launch Date At Apple Stores & Resellers]

Finally ipad 2 is now all set to hit indian market, as we already confirmed the news about apple ipad 2 launch in india here and we previously reported about it week back ago. Now the official pricing for apple ipad 2 has also been announced which seems pretty sensible this time from apple, looks like apple has considered all the aspects in consideration while deciding over the price of ipad 2.


This will be the first time when apple is launching their latest product launched in previous month in india so soon, apple has started mailing about apple ipad 2 launch through mails and other notifications as shown in the snapshot of a mailer below.

ipad 2 in india 

They have also updated the apple india website where they have started showing the ipad 2 now, as I am writing this post there is only one day left for apple ipad 2 launch in india and it looks like apple will keep selling the ipad 1 as well for the all the remaining units left in store as on the notify me page they say if you don’t want to buy ipad 2 you can still buy ipad 1 which is first generation ipad as shown in the screenshot below.


Pricing Details For iPad 2 Models In India

iPad 2 with Wi-Fi

16 GB – Rs. 29,500

32 GB – Rs. 34,500

64 GB – Rs. 39,500

iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G

16 GB – Rs. 36,900

32 GB – Rs. 41,900

64 GB – Rs. 46,900

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