Burn DVD, CD Without Nero On Windows Using 7Burn

Honestly speaking now a days I seldom think of burning any CD or DVD on my system this might be due to cheap rates of hard disk now a days, as they are more reliable and durable as compared to a secondary storage device like CD or a DVD. Previously when we use to store everything in a CD or a DVD then one of the most famous tools like Nero was used to burn them. We all know that it was quite heavy for the system and it also required good amount of space on the system which are not the signs of a good tool.


In this post we will tell you about a freeware which is portable and can help you to burn any CD or DVD or a Blue Ray disc on a system. Now, portability plays a major role for this tool, because you can store this tool on your cloud drive and then you can use it on any system at any time. You can Burn a disk, format it, burn an image, create an image or burn the audio wav file on a disc. You can see the screenshot of the tool wherein you will find the appropriate options of all the functionalities mentioned above.


Now if you want to burn a disk then you will have to add the files or the folder and then click the burn button, if you want to create an image then you will again have to select the files and then decide the file system of the image and then you can click a button named Build Image. While burning any image you will have to set the speed and the device on which the image will be burned. While burning the wav files, you will just have to add them in the tool and then click the Burn.


The tool is quite simple to use and as per my opinion quite better than Nero as frequency of burning the DVDs and other disks are quite low and moreover the amount of space it consumes on your hard disk and the memory usage is quite low as compared to Nero. The tool has been checked with Windows 7, if you face any issue while using this tool then please let us know about it.

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