Broadcast Live Videos To Multiple PCs On The Same LAN Or WiFi Network

Movies and videos have become one of the major source for entertainment. With the advancement of technology and availability of these videos and movies on the web, they are more in demand and the ease of accessing them has increased to a great extent. Number of users who downloads the videos and movies from the web has increased by great numbers in the past few years. Now, it has become very common to have latest movies downloaded in your laptops or computers in a home. But, if the user is having more than 1 PC or laptop in his home and he usually downloads these movies in all of those systems then it becomes very difficult to keep a track of all those videos and movies which are distributed in different systems and on different hard drives.

So, for such situation we recommend you a nice and useful utility named as InnerTube which is basically a tiny software that allows the user to easily set up a web server on one of those available machines, and then any of the videos stored in any of those connected machine can be broadcasted to any number of other PCs or laptops. Basically, by installing this software one may observe that it provides you a simple web interface which can be used by the user to watch any of those downloaded videos. If we go into the inner working of this tool or towards the technical aspect of the utility then we may observe that it uses the DivX Webplayer browser plugin which supports a large number of common formats such as AVI, MKV, M4V formats. It also provides the facility of video streaming and watching or otherwise it can also be downloaded on any of the connected remote machines.


Although with cloud computing becoming famous, the user might opt for any of such freely available service to share the videos and media rather than using this software. But, the main reason why we recommend this web server like tool over those services to share your media is that with InnerTube one can stream the media rather than downloading it locally. This prevents the user from downloading heavy files which may be of about GBs in size.

As we have talked a lot about this tool. For using it, you may simply download it from the below given link and can install it in your system. On one hand it proves to be very useful, as it is very easy to set up this tool. Users just have to launch the server with a simple click and then can proceed further. As, mentioned earlier it comes with a web-based media player which supports full-screen playback. But on the other hand it too has some of the limitations. Such as, it doesn’t support some popular formats such as WMV and FLV which makes it a little weak. Leaving apart this limitation, this tool is a good one and one can try it out by simply downloading it from the below given link.


Installation Steps

To Install InnerTube, simply extract the 2 directories in this zip file to where you wish to install InnerTube.  InnerTube is portable, so you can copy it to a pen drive or external hard drive if you wish.

To install and use InnerTube:
1. Download and install the DivX Player on the computers that will access InnerTube.  Go to:
2. Extract the 2 directories in this zip file to where you wish to install InnerTube.
2. Copy your video files to the InnerTube directory.  Feel free to create other directories and sub-directories
3. Open the “InnerTube Server” folder and double click the “Start InnerTube.bat” file.  It may leave a DOS window open, you can close it.
4. Point your browser to [your ip address]:8080 (example:  To find your IP address, click Start => Run, then type CMD and hit OK.  In the window that appears, type ipconfig and hit enter.  If you still have trouble, go to for more information
5. You should now see InnerTube

If you have any problems installing InnerTube, need help finding your IP address, would like to see how to make InnerTube start with your computer, check out the more in-depth instructions at

Download InnerTube

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