Break GIF Image Into Multiple Images

You must have seen many .GIF image files which are not similar to other formats of image files as they are not static or I should say that they are considered to be animated. It generally happens that you may like a glance of that animated image. So, today we will be reviewing a tool which can help us all to extract all the frames out of .GIF image file and then can use it some where else. The name of this tool is GIF Splitter.

A .GIF image file contains large number number of frames which are combined under a  frame, which makes them animated. This tool will help you to extract all the frame images from a .GIF file. Its very simple tool and can be used very easily. The images obtained after the extraction from that tool will be in .BMP format. As you must have observed that the animation in those files is not continuous and they can be divided into large number of frames, so it should be expected that the output .BMP files after the extraction will be in a huge amount.


As you can see from the snapshot of the application window of this freeware that this tool is very simple and can be operated in few clicks. First of all you will have to locate the .GIF file in the folder with the help of the browse option available in front of the field. Now after locating and then feeding the path of that animation image file, you will have to locate the folder where all the extracted output files will be saved and as we have already mentioned that these image file will be in .BMP format. All the possible frame will be extracted and then saved there.

The size of this tool is very small i.e. around 100Kbs or I should say that the size even less than 100 Kb. This tool will not get installed and so you can use it any where, just remember to keep this tool in your USB or in short, it is portable. The .GIF file can be mainly seen in advertisements or sometimes in presentations. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition. I was really desperate to get such tool, so this one was of really great use to me.

Download GIF Splitter

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