Blogger Is Up After Down For 30 Hours

The two famous websites for blogging are WordPress and Blogger, as they are the only two who support most of the blogs. You will find that most of the blogs are supported by blogspot domain name which is nothing but the part of domain name given by Blogger. Recently Blogger went down for nearly thirty hours and it was really unexpected for most of the bloggers around the globe. Readers were able to read the blog but then if you want to check the statistics or the design of the blog then it was possible because the blog was only in read-only mode.


If you tried to open, then it must have shown you the error telling you to go to for further information regarding this error page and there only two lines were regarding this problem. Blogger told their readers and bloggers to be patient as the site is under maintenance for one hour and then it will back as normal, but even after one day the site was not back to normal and the same error message was being displayed.

Finally when blogger was back again then it was mentioned on that all the post since 7.37 a.m. 5/11 will not be available but they will try to get all the post back to the respective blogs as per their next status update on that same status site. Initially they mentioned that it was the task of only one and then it took them 30 hours and after the they completed the task so lately they missed all the posts in these 30 hours.

Despite of this no proper explanation was provided from Blogger and Google, so we simply do not the reason of the problem caused to so many users around the world. I know that most of you might have faced the problem, so share this new with your friends and please let us know your views on this faced problem and if you have got any suggestion for this then please let us know by putting it as a comment below the post. We would love to share it with our other readers.

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