Block Windows Live Messenger In Windows Startup Permanently

Windows Live Messenger is another annoying thing which loads itself to system startup every time you run it, it is really annoying to see windows live messenger running each time at windows startup when you run it once, even if you remove it through msconfig utility in windows, it will come up again the next time you run.

The same thing happens with yahoo messenger also, you can also read our previous post on how to block yahoo messenger and gtalk to load automatically at system startup.

Here is how you can configure windows live messenger to stop running at windows startup

Firstly you will need to configure it through windows live messenger to permanently setup. 

1. Open Windows Live Messenger and login with your username and password credentials

2. Now click the status message through the down arrow symbol and click Options…


3. Now click the Sign In text under left tab


and uncheck the check box under general settings which says automatically run windows live messenger when I log on to windows and click ok


  1. Mark says

    thanks, Mr. Bhatnagar. finally, easy instructions to get rid of windows live messenger at startup. it’s simple and it worked.

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