Block Websites To Load In Firefox Browser

Some of the websites are so common and popular that each time you access the internet, you may have experienced that those websites are always accessed. So, for this reason many users make use of the history of their web browser, as it provides them with faster and easier access to websites which they regularly visit or which they have visited in the recent past. But, on the other hand there are many users who prefer and who want to block their web-browser’s history either completely or partially so that their private content must be secured and no one should even know which all pages they visited. So, for this there are several utilities available which can be downloaded from the Internet and thus can be used to block that history.

One of such small add-on which has been especially developed for the users who uses Firefox as their web-browser is used to serve this above mentioned purpose. Firefox History Block add-on is a small-sized, light weight and a pretty useful add-on which allows the user to specify websites or domains that should not be added to the Firefox history. Leaving apart these web-pages, every other website and domain is added to the Firefox history normally just like any normal page in a normal browser.


Whenever you want to add more websites and domain to this list, then they can be simply added by opening the options in the Firefox add-on menu which gives users the opportunity to block urls from being displayed in the Firefox history. In that same menu, there are options which offer the means to unblock websites which can be done in exactly the same way, they are blocked.


You may download the add-on from the below given link and after installing it you will observe that HistoryBlock is a simple and yet very useful add-on for Firefox which lets you block specific domains from being saved to the browsing history as already mentioned. So, overall we can say that you can visit your private sites with the secured data without the fear of any external threat and that too by using the normal mode in Firefox and yet it will not be saved to the history.

One way to add the websites to blocked list is the one which I mentioned above and the other one is that you can simply right click on any open website and then select the option “Block this” to add to the list. If you look into the working of this add-on then you may observe that this tool, i.e. HistoryBlock keeps all the blacklisted data hashed, so the about:config page from where the history entry is made, will not reveal any information to anyone who gains access to your computer. So, finally we can say that HistoryBlock blocks all the history entries, recently closed tab entries, download manager entries, all the cache entries and all the cookie entries.

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