Stop RSS Feed Stealing Websites Copying Your Blog Articles Content To Rank Higher In Google Search

Just after the rolling out the panda update globally, the woes of webmasters has been increased a lot, as you can see all the feed scrappers website are ranking higher or even at the top for the direct search queries for the articles than the original content. We already wrote a post some time back to resolve fix this, we mentioned several ways with which you can stop or fool these feed stealing automated websites copying your hard work original content.

You can read about some methods in our post here, but just in case if the specified method and solutions are not working in your case then you can try the last solution which will work for sure. As we have found these feed scrappers are causing heavy loss in ranking as the original content is ranked no where specially after the global rollout of panda update which have made the things more worse in ranking on google search.

Google panda is supposed to make the low quality content or copied content rank lower or remove it from google index on the other hand its doing the reverse in case of automated blogs stealing the copied content and making them rank higher for a direct search query where as the original website is ranked now where.

For Example – I wrote this post on Block, Stop Feed Scrappers Automated Blogs To Steal Your Content By Delaying Blog, Website RSS Feed

When I do a search using the title of the this article on my blog, the first results shown is of a website who has stolen this article through feed and posted it, even if there is link back to me at the end of the article and when I did the search this feed scrapper website is shown as first result, then some other website who copied this article were shown but the original website was shown no where under the first 10 search results as you can see in the image below.

4-26-2011 12-30-49 AM

Now there are only two ways to stop these websites from stealing the content from your website either you file a DMCA complaint against them or simple and easy way to solve this is by turning of full feeds on your website to partial or summary, however this could be a tough decision to take if you large number of readers who read the website feeds.

For the wordpress blogs, follow the procedure below to turn on partial or summary feeds

1. Login to the wordpress dashboard of your blog.

2. Now go to Settings >> Reading


3. Under reading section select the option to turn on summary feeds and unselect Full Text Feeds as shown in the image below.


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