Block, Stop Others To See What All Pages, Websites You Have Done Google +1

Just in case of if you are worried about your privacy around google +1 feature recently rolled out across all google account users, we have already written some articles on new google +1 feature which includes on how you can implement the same on your blog or website, how can you show or hide google +1 tab on your google profile etc.

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But you can choose whether Google may use your +1’s and other profile information to personalise your content and ads on non-Google websites. Enabling +1 on non-Google sites does not share your information or your friends’ information with the site that you’re viewing.

In order to disable or stop google to do +1 personalisation on non-Google sites using your +1’s and other profile information to personalise content and ads on non-Google websites, follow the procedure below.

1. Go to this page which will lead you to google account settings.

2. Click edit link for +1 on non google sites

6-13-2011 10-09-28 PM

2. Now it will redirect you to a page, which will allow you stop google to use your +1 and other profile information to personalise content or ads on non-Google websites, you just need to select disable for that.

6-13-2011 10-13-33 PM

Just in case if you have some question about google +1 button then you can refer to the general FAQ of google +1 and you should also read the google +1 button publisher policies.

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