Block, Stop Friends To Write, Post On Your Facebook Wall Profile

There are times when you may want to get rid of notifications that might come when some one post on your facebook wall, It happened to me when one of my friend posted some embarrassing app message on my facebook wall, it has some ugly questions that day I blocked access to my friends to write on my facebook profile wall.

In order to stop all this you will need to block your friends to write or post anything on your facebook wall, follow the procedure below to know how to do it.

1. Login to and click on your facebook user id name to load your facebook profile page


2. Now click the options text Options shown on the right side as shown in the image above, once you click it, it will get changed into settings -click settings


3. After clicking on settings, scroll down to locate the option which says posting ability – uncheck this option if you want to block your facebook friends from posting on your facebook wall.


4. That’s it done, now no one can write on your facebook blog.

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