Block, Report When Some Created Fake Facebook Profile Of Yours

There are times when you see someone created a fake profile which has your photo and the hacker may fool your friends by sending them friend request which some of them might accept as well considering its you. In order to report such profile and block it or get it deleted from facebook, follow the step by step procedure below.

report fake facebook profile

1. Login to

2. Go to the fake profile which is pretending to be you, and on the profile page on the top right you will find the option which says report or block profile as shown in the image below.

report facebook profile

3. Now you need to specify, the reason why you want to report such profile – select the option which says This person is pretending to be someone or fake as shown in the below.

fake profile block

4. Now confirm the report of the fake profile by you, write down some additional information which might help facebook team to take proper action against such fake profile.

confirm facebook report profile

5. Once you have confirmed, you will receive an email after facebook team has done the review of the profile you reported.

fake profile reported

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