Block Reliance Broadband Netconnect Plus Opens Everytime It Connects To Internet

We had already written about to stop reliance netconnect broadband plus data card to open default reliance website everytime it connects to internet, Today as suggested by one of the reader of our blog, this is another easy way to do it, although the page which get opened contains some crucial links which points to the pages for checking the data card usage, paying the net connect data card online, tariff plans and downloads etc.

Here is the screenshot of the page which opens [ shown below ]

Here is how to do it

After installing the software for reliance netconnect broadband plus, follow the procedure below

1. Open Program Files ->Reliance Netconnect – Broadband+ ->plugins ->XFramePlugin –> find the file named Config.xml

2. Right click Config.xml file and open-with word or Notepad

3. Search for the tag “”


change this to “about:blank” and save.


You can enter or your own website url also, if you want it to open when reliance netconnect broadband plus connect to internet, Now disconnect and reconnect to the Reliance netconnect broadband+  interface the page will open as Blank or the custom website you specified will open up.

[ Thanks Vivek Tyagi for this tip :) ]


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