Block or Unblock Display Of Images and Flash Animations In Internet Explorer With Flash & Pictures Switcher

Flash & Pictures Switcher is a free to use software which allows to enable or disable showing and loading of flash animations and pictures, blocking images and flash will result in faster loading pages, will also reduce incoming traffic and it will improve the readability of pages. It will place toolbar button in internet explorer with which you can toggle display of Flash or Pictures.


In case if you don’t see the toolbar button, do the following things as per your internet explorer
  Internet Explorer 5-6: select the View > Toolbars > Customize… menu item.
  Internet Explorer 7-8: select the Tools > Toolbars > Customize… menu item.


This application works with all the version internet explorer released after 4.0, we have tested it on windows 7 with Internet Explorer 8  

Download Flash & Pictures Switcher


  1. heinz says

    Thanks a lot for this tip. I was searching for an add-on like this. I do not use Internet explorer very often. Of course you can block flash inside IE8, but it’s not very comfortable. Unfortunable the flash & picture switcher does not install in my default user account (only in admin account). But I do only surf the internet with an account with lower rights.
    Windows Vista/IE8

    regards heinz

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