Block or Restrict Programs Executable To Run

There times when you may want to block certain programs and applications from running, it could be some game which you don’t want others users to play, or some other third party or windows program which you want to restrict to run.

We had already talked about how to stop applications from running, lock access to run certain programs and how can you password protect applications in windows. Today we will tell you about another free, portable program called Lock Up which can lock any executable and prevent it from running by any user in windows.

Special Note: Make sure that you select the option Only the list below – so that this program locks only those program executable or exe files which you are adding through this program or else if by mistake you selected to All except the list below – then all the exe on your computer will be locked and you wont be able to run any exe of any program including Lock Up and Windows programs.


In order to add any executable on your computer to lock with this program you just need to locate after clicking the Browse button on the application interface and then click the green colored right button on the bottom left on the application to add the programs to lock access to run this executable. 

After adding the exe of the programs which you wanted to lock, you can click ok to close. The restriction might come into effect immediately or you may need to restart your computer in some cases. When some try to run the blocked program exe with this tool, they will the following message prompt.


This tool works well on all windows version, We have tested it on Windows 7 32 bit.

Conclusion – It is nice and easy to use program, does what it say and completely portable and consume very low memory, negligible CPU usage.

Download Lock Up

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