Block Ads In Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta version By Yahoo Messenger Tweaker After Replacing With Yahoo Messenger 10 Ad Removed Executable

Yahoo messenger 10 beta has been released recently with some great new features, we had already written about how to install from yahoo messenger 10 beta offline installer and on how can you customise yahoo updates in yahoo messenger 10

Since then I have been trying to figure out how to remove ads from yahoo messenger 10  beta, after some googling I come to know about this fact that in order to remove ads firstly you would need to replace the executable of the yahoo messenger with the cracked exe of yahoo messenger previous version

A blog named devirusare posted about how to remove the ads in yahoo messenger 10 beta in a step by step procedure but as this is in another language other than English you might not able to understand it.

Here is the same tutorial explained step by step in plain English

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1. Firstly if you have yahoo messenger 10 beta installed download full setup from here and install it.

2. Now download the ad removed cracked exe of yahoo messenger  

3. Replace the yahoo messenger 10 beta exe with the download cracked executable in step 2 above.

Path where you can find the yahoo messenger executable is given below

C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\

4. Don’t try to launch yahoo messenger now, as to remove ads you will need to download yahoo messenger tweaker 

5. Run it after installation and Check the checkboxes which says remove ads and optionally you can also enable multiple instances of yahoo messenger and do a lot more with this tool.

[ Note: you would need to place the yahoo messenger tweaker in the same folder where you have replaced the yahoo messenger exe i.e C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\ ]


6. click apple and check the box which says Restart Yahoo Messenger

At the end you will see the yahoo messenger running without ads as shown in the image below, but if your check the about in yahoo messenger it will say but the features of beta will be there without any issues.


[ Thanks BlogsDNA ]

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