Block Access To Run Programs and Applications With Password – DeskLock

There could some applications which you may want others to run who you use or share your computer for any reason, here is the free utility called desklock which allows you to password protect any application or program in windows so when ever it is executed, it will prompt for the password and will not run until a valid password is entered. we had written about another freeware to password protect application access on windows and how to apply password on USB drive access or how to password protect any file in windows


The default password of the application is 2 you can change it to any number you like to, by right clicking the system tray icon [ a yellow colored lock ] go to settings > Change Password 

Add / Remove Locked Applications

You can always add more application to be locked by this program, by right clicking the system tray icon and go to settings >> applications and then click add or remove applications locked there.


In order to launch a locked program, just run it and it will prompt you for the universal password of desklock which is the common password for all the locked applications with this program. [as shown in the image below]


Download DeskLock

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