Change, Modify Desktop Right Click Menu In Windows

Apart from the Desktop shortcuts and System tray icons, there is another option which can help you to reach out to any application with the help of a single click and this is the context menu. But unluckily you cannot change the configuration of Content menu as per your desires as this feature is not available in Windows OS. So, I have got a tool for you which can help you to do the same even if Windows does not facilitate you with this feature.


You can see the screenshot of this tool, after you launch this tool; you are supposed to look at the tab of the application window where you can add any of the other application to the context menu of the Desktop. Now here you can write the name of the executable file of the application which is supposed to be added in the Context Menu list. After naming the file you are supposed to locate it on your computer and then after locating it, you can decide the position of the option in that menu and then you can name it for the Context Menu. After you do all these, click on Add to Context Menu and then it will be added in the list.


Now if you wish to remove any of the option available in the other tab, then you can do the same as per the instruction and fields on that application window. If you have added any of the application from your computer to the context menu, then you will see that in the middle of the application window under the remove items tab. Under the settings section you can change the language of the tool User Interface and the location to save the settings of the tool and under the ‘about’ tab, as usual you will know about the tool and donation link.

The size of this tool is around 600KB and it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. So, is you face any issue while using it then please let us know about it.

Download Right Click Content Menu Adder

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