BlackBerry Tablet Launching Next Week

We have already published some of the news related to Tablets released by Google, Apple (iPad) and Samsung, and now there is another firm in queue to release their table and this firm none other than Blackberry. Till date our options for the tablet were good but now it has gone better or I should say that it will become better, once they will be releasing their tablet by next week.

There were some of the steps taken by RIM (Research In Motion), like RIM trademarked BlackPad and Surfbook and then it also signed with Taiwanese Notebook Manufacturing Company QUANTA for the production of around 200 million tablet device. Now these two initiative made by RIM directed our minds to think and then come to a conclusion that RIM might be producing a new tablet device, which will be coming as a new competitor in the race of various tablet device.

The name of this device has not been decided yet but I suppose the name will be any of BlackPad and Surfbook. Now this device will be capable of connecting the devices through Bluetooth, 3G and WiFi and it is expected that the screen size will be of 9.7 inches. Till now, they have not published all the specifications of this product but yes, I can assure you that they will not be going for Blackberry OS 6, then the question is that, which OS will be used by RIM for that tablet. No doubt, Blackberry OS 6 has been the latest OS for all the smartphone developed by Blackberry.

In April, this year RIM acquired QNX Software Systems for the production of OS for their tablets. QNX is known for its OS for embedded systems and this OS will be supporting the architecture like ARM, MIPS, Power PC and x86. Now it is recommended that this OS will be much simpler to use as compared to the OS which was developed by Blackberry for their smartphones. I would say that it was a good step as this OS will be like a surpise for all the users (who will be planning to buy tablet) it will be completely a new product whose OS is also unknown because it may happen that a user might reject the Blackberry tablet once he dislikes the Blackberry OS 6.

The cost of this product has been estimated around $500 till date and I hope that it will competing the rest brands to a good extent.

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