Black Google Toolbar Testing [Coming Soon]

Today a new page of Google was seen on internet and this was named as Google Connected accounts page. This is a new page which has been introduced recently and it has got a very different thing over it. The Google toolbar which you might be seeing at the top of your Gmail page or at the top of the Google search engine page was always light blue in color but this new page had the same toolbar in black color. Now there can be many interpretations to this change. In this post we will talk more about this.


This new black colored toolbar may indicate that from now own, all those blue Google Toolbar will be changed to this new black colored toolbar. Or you can also say that this new page might have this as a defect, it might be possible that this black color was just a mistake. This is what most of the users are expecting, blue color has always been a part of Google so they will never want this new toolbar to be of black color.

Now moving towards this new page, I would say that it is smart move to link the other important social networking sites to your Google account. Google did not allowed to add the accounts of Facebook or Yahoo to their profile, but instead it gave another page to which you can attach all the other social networking profiles of LinkedIn, Yahoo, Facebook and few more. You can check out that site by the help of the link posted below at the end of the post.

We can just wait to see about that new toolbar, whether it gets removed or the default toolbar will be changed. I hope that this information will help you, especially to those who have their primary account with Google but simultaneously they love to be connected with the world of Facebook, Yahoo and other social networking sites to connect with the people.

Google All Services Account Page

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