Birthday Reminders Alert From Google Calendar

Now a days whenever someone is free then he or she prefers to spend that time with their social networking account by checking all the updates by their friends and then by reading the comments of their friends, but still they spent most of their time on e-mail inbox. Now when it comes on remembering the birthdays then they can memories the day if they have the dates in front of them all the time. Keeping this solution is mind I am going to tell you about a solution to this problem named as FbCal.


You can export all the birthdays of your friends to your Google Account. This web-service will help the users to export all the dates from Facebook to Google Calendar, this will help the users to be in touch with all the birthday dates on their e-mail account rather than on their social networking accounts, so if any user does not spend their most of the time on these social networking sites and they prefer to keep these dated in correlation with their e-mail accounts then I must say that this will play a vital role as a solution.

You import all the dates to Google Calendar and then if there are any events which are important to you and want that instead of social networking account they should be with your Google e-mail account then you can also export the events from Facebook to your account. So, this web-service will hell you to export the birthday dates and the events from Facebook to Google Calendar. But if you do not have any Google account and you wish to use this tool without that account, then you can go for downloading the dates and then you can view them in Microsoft Outlook.

So, go on sharing this piece of information with your friends and then please let us know about your own views and the changes effected by this information on your daily internet routine or if you have got anything new related to this then just put them down in the comments sections and we will be glad to share it with all the readers on your behalf (if we found it genuine and useful). I am sure that this will really help you to work intelligently on internet. So, keep reading and surfing!!!

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