Birthday Reminder App For Nokia Symbian Phones

Birthdays are the best days to wish your loved ones or get wished by your closest friends or family and are certainly not meant to be forgotten. Some people are blessed with sharp memory which helps them remember almost everything from phone numbers to bank account details and from road routes for different places to birthdays.

But unfortunately many people including me do forget wishing friends and family on special occasions which makes those close persons feel bad. At times and again we find ourselves repeating the mistake and regret later but now our mobile phone will remind us about people’s birthdays.

Nokia has developed an app called as BDay Mate which lets us schedule reminders for birthdays. It is too convenient to use and with a number of cool features no other app stands a fair chance in front of it. The app could be set to auto hide and auto start mode. It even features numerous pre-installed templates as birthday reminders.


the images provided above show how easy it is to work through this app. Scheduling a reminder is also not a big deal since it asks for a couple of things including the contact , the message template to use or manually entered text, message time, message date, reminder date, reminder time etc and after entering these details you just need to hide the app and let it run in the background.

Download BDay Mate

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