Bing Showing Same Search Results Like Google Search For Same Search Term

So you will be starting with a very interesting news today. We mentioned that Bing is trying hard to increase their ranking on internet by improving their search profile, few months back in 2010 I mentioned that Microsoft has joined hands with Yahoo so that they beat Google but it seems none of them worked for Bing and finally they thought of taking the wrong measures in order to improve the ranking of their search engine named as Bing. In this post I will be talking about an acquisition which has been embarked on Bing by Google.


Google has claimed that Bing is copying the search results of Google search engine in order to improve their search engine profile and the snapshot shown above states it all. Now let me tell you that how they reached to this conclusion. If you type a meaningful word then you might get the same results on Bing and Google, this analogous result can never be expected as the proof of acquisition. But if you type any meaningless word or any random combination of characters on Google or on Bing then they both should show different result pages (as expected) but that was not the case as Google and Bing had the same results for the meaningless word shown in the snapshot above.

Now you may ask me that why Bing is the culprit, we may also conclude Google as the one copying the results of Bing. I also have a justified answer for this question, firstly Google is the leading search engine and if we look at the statistics then Google stands far beyond above than Bing and to reach those statistics it will take years for Bing. Secondly, there was a very uncommon word known as ‘Torosorraphy’ and is you type ‘Torosoraphy’ in the Google search engine then it will show you the correct word and then it will display the results for that correct. Whereas, if you type the same wrong word in Bing then you will see the same results as specified in Google but it will not show any correct spelling suggestion. I think this proof was enough to get the idea oo what is actually being done by Bing these days. The snapshot of the same has been shown below in the snapshot.

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