Better Focus, Concentration On What You Write With Focus Writer

For people who spend a lot of time in writing on Microsoft Word, I have got an application named FocusWriter. FocusWriter is a basic lightweight text writer and it will provide you with more features than you require. In full screen the software will not have any toolbars, just your text and the background so that you can concentrate on your writing. The application will help you to work in a distraction free environment which can be customized according to our need.

FocusWriterPortable 1

This is the option that you will get while installing the FocusWriter. The option will help you select the language in which you want to install the focus writer.

FocusWriterPortable 0

This is the first window that will open when you will open the FocusWriter for the first time after downloading and installing it. The window will not show you any options it will simply allow you to write. If you want to use any option you can just move your mouse to the top of the window and it will show you all the options in the toolbar.

FocusWriterPortable 3

The various toolbar options in FocusWriter are File, Edit, Format, Tools, and Settings. The File menu has options like New, Open, Save, Save All, Sessions, Print, Close and Quit. New option is used to open a new document in which you can write and save. Open option will allow you to open the previously saved file and edit it. Save, Save As and Save All options will allow you to save the file. Print will allow you to Print the selected file. Close will close the file you are working on. Quit will quit from the application.

FocusWriterPortable 4

The Edit menu contains the basic Edit options like Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste and Select All and their respective shortcuts.

FocusWriterPortable 5

The Format Menu contains the all the formatting options for the text like Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Superscript and Subscript. The menu also has Text Align options, Indenting options and many more with their shortcuts as well.

FocusWriterPortable 6

The tools menu will give you options like Find, Replace, Spelling and Timers. The Find option is used to find something in the text. Replace is used to replace a particular word with another or a set of words with another. Spelling option will allow you to check the spellings.

FocusWriterPortable 7

The Settings option will give you the tool settings like Show Toolbar, Show Menu Icons, Fullscreen, Minimize, Themes, Application Language and Preferences. The Show Toolbar option is used to show the Toolbar which contains various toolbar options in the form of icons just below the toolbar. The Show Menu Icons is used to show menu icons. Themes option can be used to change the background of the tool. Application Language will help you to change the language if you want.

FocusWriterPortable 10

The Preferences option will open this window. It has four tabs General, Statistics, Toolbar and Spell Checking. You can modify the options according to your need.

Download FocusWriter.

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