Better, Faster Windows 7 Search With FileSearchEx

Searching one of your own files and that too in your own computer, sometimes become a complex and tedious task. This may be due to large amount of data in your computer which may be present in unorganized way. Although, windows default search option may be useful in finding these files but still the indexing that is done by default in the windows is not so efficient and it always takes time in searching any of the file straight forwardly. So, for this scenario, we recommend you a utility which can make your search easier and lot quicker than the normal search. Although, earlier also there are number of such utilities available on the web which can be used for the same purpose, but this new utility has some new features added to it.

FileSearchEx is basically a small, simple and a freeware utility which has been specially designed for Windows 7 and it searches through files faster than the default Windows search which comes with the Windows 7. Although, functionality used for searching in the Windows 7 is lot better than the one used in the earlier versions of Windows, but still the user need lot more to search in a fast and efficient manner.


For making your search better in the computers, you may download this small sized utility from the below given link and may install it in your computers. After installing it, you can search for files within any folder and order your results by the details, and thus this utility makes it easy for you to even search through millions of items and that too in a very less amount of time. It has been tested that, it is lot faster than the standard Windows search and the variety of filters helps you to find more refined results about the thing that you’re looking for. It is basically a portable application and it has very low system requirements. It allows you to add a context menu if you want it by a simple right-click option to search through folders.

On using this utility, you may observe that the application has a very simple and pretty easy to use interface. It has many additional features which makes it different from other tools of its kind. FileSearchEX works well with even millions of items in the result window and that too in almost no time. The user may search for containing text or files or folders in any drive or folder defined or given by the user. Additional filters that may be used may help the user to search with different options like date, size etc which can be configured from the options available in the interface. So, just download it from the given link and try out this smart and useful utility.

Download FileSearchEX


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