Better Enhanced Android Phone Dialer With More Options

The android fraternity has many renowned developers of which one highly acclaimed team is Go Dev team. Applications like GO Launcher, GO SMS, GO Weather have impressed a lot of yours and now to astonish them once again, the team has come up with GO Contacts, which replaces the default Contacts app along with the dialer.

The application is a contact manager available for free on the Android Market and offers plenty of features which are absent in the stock Contacts and Dialer applications. Starting with the interface, it is very simple and user friendly with no complications at all. It might confuse you at the first glance but if you notice carefully the application incorporates the Phone tab with Call Log on one screen which otherwise were separate in the stock application.


Coming to the Contacts tab, the interface again is very convenient to use and is a bit similar to iPhone’s where the alphabets are placed vertically on the extreme right of the screen and to search for a particular contact name just scroll your finger down to the letter with which the name starts. The third tab is Groups and as the name suggests, it lets you group contacts into one as per your requirements. Adding and removing contacts into and from groups is not a difficult task as you just need to use the Edit button provided on the top right corner of every group. Another very useful feature is of bulk emailing and bulk messaging where you just select a group, go to menu and select SMS all or Email all.


The last tab is of Favorites and again it is understandable that it lets you add favorite contacts on the very screen ensuring faster access. The application also allows you to merge duplicate contacts by name and number also. The settings menu is stuffed with a number of personalization options that you can enable or disable as per your needs. It features downloadable themes for Go Contacts, Contact account, Language, Display, Dial settings and you can backup and restore settings as well.


GO and grab Go Contacts from android market and I bet it will make you forget the stock application.

Download GO Contacts-[Android Market]

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