Best Windows System Performance Monitor Sidebar Gadget

I still remember, when I had Windows XP installed on my laptop, then I used to have many tools on my system to keep a watch over some of the performance stats on my system. But then too many tools are not good for your system, as they may depreciate the performance on the computer. But with this new Sidebar feature in Windows 7 and Windows Vista, you can try to use some gadgets which can do the same for you. In this post I will tell you about a gadget which will help you to loot at the performance ratings of your computer or laptop.


The best part of the sidebars is that, you will not have to open the application separately to use them. You will always found them at the desktop. We have provided the link mentioned below, once you will click it, you will be directed towards a page, where you will find the download option. Now, once you click to install it, it will ask you to confirm as it is the third party application, you can proceed as we have already installed and checked this on our computer.

Now after it gets install you will see the gadget as mentioned in the screenshot shown above. As you can see it will tell you about the amount CPU memory being used by all the application on your system, the amount of RAM being used, these two factors might help you to estimate the load which is being held by your system. Now you will know about the space left in all the partitions of your Hard-disk and if you are connected to Wi-Fi then you can see the signal strength which is being received by your system.

In the end you will see some stats about Recycle bin, if you feel that the data available in the recycle bin is quite and it needs to be emptied then you can simply click the red-cross to empty it. You can get the correct date and day and listen to some good radio with the help of that gadget. I really appreciate the effort taken by the developer to put this cool gadget.

We have checked this on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition and if you face any problem while using it then please let us know.

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