Best Windows Google Reader Program For Reading Feeds Without Visiting Website

I believe that most of the users might not be knowing about the Google Reader, now those all who have the habit of reading the article on internet might have some favorite websites, so in order to follow them they can subscribe them in Google Reader and thus they will not have to go to every site separately to read the article from that site they can do it from the Google Reader itself as after subscribing the website to Google Reader, all the articles of that website will come to Google reader.


For the beginners this also might be a problem, as they tend to forget opening that web service to view the articles, or they may find its User Interface little poor, so they might not get interested in reading the articles on Google Reader, but if I offer you an application which can do the same as Google Reader does then you might use it as you will not even have to open the browser and then go to that Google Reader to view the articles.

You can just open the application and then give the credentials of your Google Account, now this tool will get all the articles subscribed by you on Google Reader in its application window and for there you can read them comfortably. You can take a look at the application window mentioned above at the top of the post. The size of this tool is around 6 KBs but when you launch it then it will download some of the data from internet of around 300KB and then it will be launched in the form of application window mentioned above.

Now initially everything will be blank, so you will have to go Options tab and there you will have to provide the credentials of your Google Account and you can also decide the maximum number of items which should be retrieved per request. Then just go to unread and there you will see also the unread the articles sorted by Date, this tool will minimize itself in the taskbar tray, click with right or left button and then you will see the application windows on your screen. We have used this tool on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate. So, if you face any issue them please let us know.

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