Best Windows 7 Softwares Featured On Windows Product Scout Website

The latest OS launched by Microsoft for personal computers in Windows 7 and besides this it has also developed many hardwares and softwares which can be useful for the users. Microsoft has launched a site known as Windows Product Scout. Now you can get a complete idea by the name of this website, i.e. Windows Product Scout, it is basically a site where you can browse all the products whether they are hardware or software but all of them have been developed by Microsoft or they have been recommended by Microsoft. It is basically a scout which has been developed for the products of Windows OS.


You can see the snapshot of the web-site above this paragraph, where you can see that all the latest product have been mentioned. Starting from the latest Operating System which is Windows 7 has been mentioned on the top and all the products have been categorized into several categories like there is a category to check the latest products which can be bought for the best display and then there are certain hardware product categories for better transfer through Network adapters, for Media center and few more. In short I should say that most of the categories that are written on the left hand side basically represent hardwares and those which are present on the right hand side are for the softwares.

In softwares you will get all the latest version of the product, you can get the latest version of Windows Live Writer, Internet Explorer and many of the software which are not famous but they have been recommended by Microsoft are also enlisted there, some of their names are like Media Show, Sony Alpha, Youpaint, Seesmic Look and many more. They have been categorized in to 4 categories. One of them is for the tools used for communicating with friends, then tools which are used for watching videos and other multi-media files, the next one is the category for the tool which are used to edit an image and the last one is for the printing devices.

I think it is a good initiative as now we will not have to roam here and there to search these products. We will keep you updated with the latest information related to this web site and simultaneously we will also be expecting help and support from your side. Keep Reading and have a nice day!!!

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