Best Windows 7 Screenshot, Screen Capture Software’s

Taking screenshot with in windows 7 can be done easily with some of the best windows 7 screenshot, screen capture software’s. Screenshot is one of the most common activities especially for those users who want to upload some images for a working tool or for those who are giving some review about tool or any other program. It is being used in various aspects according to the needs and requirements of different users.

Till date, various such utilities have been developed and are available online for the users. Users may choose any one of them according to their needs and requirements. Out of these large number of tools available online, we have already discussed some of them on our website. Today, we are going to compare some of these tools and then you may decide which one suits your requirements.

Windows 7 Screenshot, Screen Capture Software’s

Screenshot Taker is one of such utility which we have already discussed on our website. Here first button shown in the snapshot allows the users to select the area and then second button allows to take snapshot of the entire screen. Thus, it is a very simple and easy to use utility which allows you to take snapshots in a very simple way. It automatically saves the file in .jpg format.

Windows 7 Screenshot, Screen Capture Software's

Screenshoter is yet another utility which is quite similar to the one discussed above but still has some unique features which makes it different from others. It is also one of the simplest utility for taking snapshot but it provides some more option as compared to the first one. It allows the user to save the file in .jpg or .png or in .bmp format, thus providing more options for the user as compared to the utility discussed above.



Mazio is one of the other small, useful and a freely available screenshot grabber tool which we have already discussed in one of our previous article and it allows very fast and easy annotations of the screenshots. Along with this, it also allows the instant uploads to many types of websites which acts as image repositories which is not present with other utilities discussed above. This utility has been created and copyrighted by Janusz Gorycki.

If we compare mazio with the other utilities discussed above then we may observe that the features that Mazio provides are not there with any one of them. It allows the user to draw different shapes such as straight lines, ovals, rectangles, arrows, etc., which may prove to be very useful in highlighting or selecting a particular portion of the image. Along with this it also allows the user to use some of the basic photo-editor software options such as cropping, editing shapes, magnifying lens, etc. which are also present with this utility.

SnapNDrag is one of the similar tool which has been specially developed for Mac. Just like the other utilities discussed above, this utility can also be used for taking screenshots, and it, too, is very basic, but allows you to save screenshots in four formats, and captures the entire screen, a selected area of the screen, a window, or a time-delayed screenshot. Along with this, it also provide you the feature by which you can copy the screenshot to clipboard, and add it to an email via Apple’s native mail client. Thus, it has some of the distinct features which makes it a different tool from others discussed above.

iScreenCapture is one of the simpler tool as compared to the others discussed above. It doesn’t involves any complexity and in my opinion iScreenCapture is a software that is meant for inexpert users for taking snapshots just for proofs and not for explanation as it doesn’t have editing tools as discussed in Mazio and SnapNDrag utilities. For someone professional the other two options would be definitely better.


So, it depends what kind of snapshot do you want. We have discussed tools where you may directly take the snapshots and use them and on the other hand we have also discussed the ones which provides more options for editing and saving the images. So, choose the one according to your needs and requirements and take the snapshots accordingly.

Last but not the least you can also try using the Snip tool which is pre installed in windows 7, you can easily find it using search, it allows you to take screenshots of region, window or entire screen but it does not support the hot key press screen capture, so it may not be useful in all the scenarios while taking a screenshot.

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