Best To Do List App For Windows – GeeTeeDee

If you have got many tasks to do in a day then it is highly probable that you might something in that day. For this most of you might be using a to-do list on their Windows system with the help of the Sticky notes but today I am going to tell you about a simple software named as GeeTeeDee which will help you to reserve the notes for all the tasks which are supposed to started today and to be complete at any point of time.


As you can see the screenshot of the tool posted above. In order to create a new task, click the ‘New’ option and then enter the credentials of those particular tasks. Once you complete that task, just strike through it by simply checking that box of the tasks. Once the dues date of that task passes on, then that task is termed to be completed and then you can see it in the Completed tab of the tool. Once you have completed all the tasks and want a fresh page to start just click that ‘Clean’ option. This tool is really very simple to work on and moreover it will help most of the IT freaks that always get their heads laid on their laptops to deposit the electricity bill and other important stuff.

The link mentioned below will help you to install the portable version of this tool which is around 3.7 MB. Once you download this tool just execute the exe file and then start generating your to-do list to remember all the things throughout the day. I hope that you must have liked the tool for its genuine purposes. This tool has been tested on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate, so it is expected that it will work on all the versions of Windows. Mac and other users can go for using the last link on this page to get these tools for their OS. Do let us know if you face any problem while installing or using this tool, as we have already used it.

Download GeeTeeDee

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