Best Simple Tool To Make Video Clip With Photos, Pictures

Photos, images and videos have nowadays become some of the most common videos transferred and accessed by the users of different age-groups. Various tools and utilities are available over the internet which can be used for editing, conversion and for various other purposes for images and videos. One of the similar software which are meant for images and videos is PhotoFilmStrip.

PhotoFilmStrip is basically a small and useful utility which simply allows the user to convert a set of photos into a complete video. This smart program, is available as a portable version and installer and it can link and convert these photos into a complete video and that too in a little amount of time. It can be easily downloaded from the link given below and after installing this utility in your system you may start with it. Firstly, after you start the program you just need to create a new project for joining the photos and for converting them into a video. So, for a new project and even for every project that you make you need to give a name for that, project folder, aspect ratio and optionally a pre-defined length. You may also give an audio file which can be used for background music with those pictures or photos.


After creating the new project as described above, you can start loading your photos either by dragging and dropping them into the program interface, or even by using the photo loader menu which comes with the utility to do so. Before loading, the utility completely scans the photos and then they are displayed as a strip in the lower half of the screen. The photo which is selected and is active is shown in the upper half. It also allows the user to select the visible space if the photo is larger than the maximum video resolution for better clarity.


This utility comes up with various features and functionalities. Some of them are imbibed as additional tools which can be seen between the two interface sections. It also gives the functionality for the users to change a photo’s rotation, also to change the duration and transition period or simply allows adding subtitles to the photo. All these functionalities can be configured in almost no time. You may observe that motion is configured in the upper half, between the two thumbnail photos that you have added for the video. What it does is that it simply moves the visible part of the photo for the selected duration and this effect can also be disabled if it is not needed.

Overall, PhotoFilmStrip is a useful and an easy to use program for Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems also. So, in order to try it out just download it from the below given link and convert a set of your photos into a video.

Download PhotoFilmStrip

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