BenQ World’s Slimmest LED Monitor – Price, Review and Specifications

Have you head of BENQ? Yes,the world’s leading manufacturer for LED monitors has set another benchmark by recently claiming for the world’s slimmest LED monitor manufactured by them and the new series,known as V-Series comprises of three different models.

The series launched as mentioned above comprises of 3 different models ranging from High Definition to Full High Definition and are available in three size categories:-

  •  18.5”W - V920
  •  21.5”W – V2220H
  •  24.0”W – V2420H

Slimmest BenQ LED Monitor

The new models are class apart in terms of technology, quality and design and have been developed to meet the needs of today’s sophisticated customers since the V-series is well equipped with high end characteristics and exclusive features which are as follows:-

  • Senseye Human Vision Technology
  • HDMI 1.3
  • Eco-friendly engineering
  • Headphone jack
  • Globally-renowned iF design award

Since we are talking about the slimmest monitors we must inform you that apart from being slimmer these monitors carry a lot more features worth considering and appreciation. The list of the most significant features for the monitors consists of three important aspects –Size, Energy Efficiency and Dynamic Contrast Ratio(DCR) and the data below is meant to impress you:

  • Thinness (14mm on the 18.5”W models; 15mm on all other models)
  • Energy efficiency – 44%(lower power consumption)
  • DCR (unrivaled at 10M:1)

The New V-series is well distinguished from others with the load of features in offers to its buyers from, latest LED backlighting technology for Internet, work, or TV/video applications to Senseye Human Vision Technology,amplifying image richness, clarity, and depth, even for the darkest scenes.

Clean & Crisp fonts, graphs and charts and razor sharp blur-free images along with ultra-extreme DCR, ultra-intense blacks, and near-infinite color variations enables the users to perform internet surfing or other tasks for as many hours as one wants.

In a recent event organized by by International Design Authorities the V-Series has been crowned with the iF 2010 award for the mercury-free engineering,environmental certifications (Energy STAR 5.0, RoHS, EuP,), (in)-delete décor and , the high-gloss svelte form.

Price of BenQ V-Series LED Monitors

All the models falling in the V-Series are available all over across India and the prices are as follows:-

  • 18.5”W (V920 – MSRP Rs 8999)
  • 21.5”W (V2220H – MSRP Rs 14999)
  • 24”W (V2420H – MSRP Rs18900)

We hope to see one of these on everybody’s computer desks soon, as they are worth their price and features.

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