Beknown–First Professional Network For Job Seekers Which Works Inside Facebook

Times are changing and facebook has started becoming more meaningful now with some new innovative apps like the one released recently by monstor india. BeKnown™, a professional networking app designed to allow Facebook users to establish a professional network on the world’s most popular social platform in the Indian market. It can be the best app for all those job seekers and the companies who want to hire new people based on their skills.

BeKnown, users can seamlessly identify and connect with friends and professional contacts from multiple sources and grow their professional network, enhance their online professional identity and discover enriching career opportunities. BeKnown is now available for download at in 19 different languages, and is accessible by any Facebook user.


The BeKnown network offers new advantages to both career-minded networkers and companies searching for talent.

With BeKnown, users on Facebook can now:

· Create professional networks within an environment created by Monster without ever leaving Facebook

· Easily invite contacts from other social networks to expand their BeKnown network beyond their existing Facebook friends

· Keep social activity with friends and family separate from work-related activity with professional contacts

· See who among their professional contacts on BeKnown is connected to a company or job opportunity they are interested in

· Connect professional networking to Monster’s job search and browse tools and import their Monster profile to BeKnown from right within the app

For companies, BeKnown:

· Opens up a vast source of potential global talent on Facebook – Facebook’s estimated over 35 million Indian members span ages, income levels and ethnic groups

· Creates new recruitment-focused visibility opportunities and extends job posting reach in a high engagement environment

· Increases engagement opportunities with so-called passive job seekers, as BeKnown users follow company job and network activity

· Activates recruiter and employee networks as referral sources

Beknown Feature Tour

Beknown is a small facebook inside facebook, as it has its own messages, profile and notifications system which lets you stay updated to the Beknown important message and connections making them come to you differently than facebook messages and notifications.

Once you added this app on your facebook profile you can start adding information about you,apart from some info it will automatically pull from your facebook profile. You can add work summary, add your skills, add interests, give endorsement to others and receive the same as well.

If you are a company you can post a job as well with the help of Beknown and get in touch with the people as per the capabilities you are looking for your work profile, but before posting a job make sure to add and claim your company profile on facebook or beknown.

post a job on beknown

As a job seeker you can follow the updates from different companies profile where you would like to get a job as shown in the image below.

jobs from a company on beknown

Apart from this in case you are wondering how beknown is different from others, refer to the image below.


We would recommend you to add this app on you facebook and play around it to know and find out more about this great app which make facebook meaningful to college students finally. 

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