Battery Level Status Indicator For Windows 7

Remaining battery percentage, and time it will last is quite important for any windows laptop user, as if you know the exact battery level while using your laptop you will use accordingly to get the maximum in case you have a presentation ahead or some other important work to do on your laptop.

We have previously posted about how to show remaining battery status in taskbar and other tools like Laptop Battery Meter and other tips on how to get low battery alerts on laptop critical battery level. Today we will tell you about a small free utility called Windows 7 Battery Bar to show the current battery level in taskbar of windows 7


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You can change the taskbar color to Red, Green, Yellow & Auto. If you change the color to Auto then it will change the color according to the remaining battery percentage:

100% – 50% = Green

49% – 11% = Yellow

10% – 0% = Red


You can also set it to display None, Remaining %, Remaining Time + % & Power Status


In order configure and change the settings of this application just double click the system tray icon to open and close the configuration settings window, don’t click the close button on the application windows as it will close the application itself.

Note: It will show remaining battery status bar if your windows taskbar has small icons, otherwise it will show the battery remaining bar when you move your mouse to the application icon in windows 7 taskbar.

Download Windows 7 Battery Bar

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