Copy Windows Wireless Network Password Settings From One PC To Other

Many of us feel that managing the networks on systems is a bit tedious task. Only a techno can do that and very difficult to handle. Whereas if we want we can easily backup, restore, modify and manage the wireless networks in our system. And you don’t have to bother about downloading any tool for that There are some inbuilt function which designed to perform the function. So, here are steps which will help you to carry on with the process. They are very easy and simple to understand.

You have to go to the Control Panel and select the option Network and Internet. It will display all the options to handle the Internet connections and Internet. Choose Network and Sharing Center. Then there will be a window as shown in the snapshot below.

Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center


Select Manage wireless networks from the options available on left side. A dialog box as shown in the snapshot below will appear. It will display all the wireless networks your system can be connected to. The details like the security, type and connection mode are also displayed. You can simply right click on the network to manage and modify the network details.


For backup, right click on the network you want to save and click Properties. A dialog box as shown in the snapshot below will appear. Select the option Copy this network profile to a USB flash drive present at the bottom. Connect the flash drive where the network is to be saved and click NEXT.

Note: If there are other network details saved in the flash drive, store them at any other location else they will be overwritten.


The process will be completed within seconds and the final dialog box will appear giving some information. In the dialog box above you can use the tab Security to know about Security Type, Encryption Type and Network Security Key. Click on Close to finish the process.


This was a very simple process. Similarly restoring the network profile can be done. The three files as displayed below will be saved in the flash drive. To restore connect the USB drive to the system. The profile can be saved to multiple systems one by one.

There are two methods to restore the network profile:

First, click on the setup file setupSNK and accept it to restore the profile. And the process is complete.


Second, if the autorun is enabled on your system, you can select the option  Connect to a wireless network in the autorun menu. The profile will be saved ad the connection will be built up.

The steps explained above can be followed for Windows 7, XP and Vista. The option may or may not be available in other OS and also the steps may vary. Other than this you can also use some other freewares to the similar purposes.

The freeware named as WirelessKeyView can be used to save the passkey of wireless network in html, txt or xml format. You can even Export and Import various networks available on your system. It will also help you to delete the previous unused networks and their passkeys. The problem is that it comes up with a new version with every small feature added in it. So, you might have to upgrade it frequently. There are separate versions available for different operating system as they differ in their encryption technique for passkey.

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