Backup Tweets From Twitter To Dropbox

Every seems to love dropbox these days, just like I do. Recently I was thinking of a idea if I could backup tweets from twitter to dropbox account. Although there are large number of options and free web services which could allow you to save tweets and backup them online for free.

Backup Tweets From Twitter To Dropbox

Some of names of these services are Backupify, and BackupMyTweets. In case you are looking all in one service which could backup Twitter, Flickr, Google Docs, and more then you should try Lifestream Backup. You can also go to this link to find different web services which could help you search and capture tweets from your twitter account.

Another web service called Tweetcake which lets you backup not only tweets but favorite tweets, followers, following, direct messages and almost every data on your twitter account including apps you are connected. In case you would like to search old tweets from your twitter account you can use the free web services like, Topsy or you can use which also lets you search old tweets and updates on both twitter and facebook.

Procedure To Save Every Tweet To Dropbox Account

After some more searching I found another free web service called ifttt which means if this then that – it is an intelligent web service which could help you trigger different actions based on activity on different other web services like twitter, facebook and lots more. It helps  you create a task like you post a new tweet on twitter and it will automatically save the tweet as a text file in your dropbox account, this way it will save all the new tweets to dropbox automatically.

backup tweets to dropbox using ifttt

if you want to know, what more you can do with if this then that, please refer this article on read write web for more information.

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