Backup, Transfer All Sms Received On To Mobile Phone To Email [Android Phones]

In the past couple of months we have reviewed plenty of backup applications for android to you, which are capable of backing up of pictures, videos, settings and a lot more things. The best ones include App Backup & Restore and MobileGo which are available for free on Android Market. Once again we have got our hands on a backup application for android but this one is dedicated for SMSs only.

So if an android user like you has been looking for a SMS backup app, this certainly is what you need. The application has no other option except of SMS backup which means there will be no tantrums. The interface is extremely simple with the important options on the main screen only, which include the Backup Now button, section for entering your email address and password, an Auto Backup option and the settings.


I bet this is simplest SMS backup app for free and to start using it, just add your email address and password in the dedicated sections and tap on the Backup Now button. The application starts its job immediately and once it is all done with it, a separate folder with the name SMS will be added to your Gmail account.


In the settings menu you can uncheck or check the option for marking your messages as read or unread in the backup to be made. The separate label of SMS under which your backup is made, can also be changed according to your preferences and you can name it Messages or Text Messages or anything you like. The last option is for the maximum number of messages to be sent in one batch. By default it is set to 100 SMSs per batch but you can increase or decrease the batch size. After transferring one complete batch the user will have to have press the Backup Again button to commence the next batch and so on.

SMS Backup Android

The above screenshot tells how the backup folder under the label of SMS, will look like. We are sure enough about the capability of the application to help you save your messages to your email and it can be downloaded from the link provided below.

Download SMS Backup – [Android Market]

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