Backup, Save Windows Genuine License Information To Be Used At Windows Re Install With 7Tokens Manager

While using computer systems, one usually faces an issue in which either some of the files related to operating system get corrupt or some other problem arises. This leads to formatting of the complete system very frequently. As the need arises for formatting, the user has to re-install all the software along with new online activations each time. Although the user can use the Windows 7 license key which can be further used for multiple installations on the same machine and also for the re-installation that is needed each time after formatting, but still the user can do online activations for a limited number of time.


In order to solve this issue for some of the licenses, we recommend you a tool which will back up the Windows 7 Retail, OEM and MAK licenses and then will restore it for your further use. 7Tokens Manager is a simple, easy to use and freeware tool which will solve your issue by doing so. It simply makes a complete backup of Windows 7 activation, which as said earlier can be used to be restored whenever you format your system or at the time of new installation in order to achieve instant offline activation. Once you perform this step, there is no need of any activation step further.

After installing this tool in your machine, you just have to simply run this program called 7Tokens Manager and then just click on the Backup button which is shown as one of the option in the window. This will perform the action to provide a backup that is necessary for activation files and then it will save them to a folder called as ‘backup’ which is located under 7Tokens Manager directory. In order to restore the saved activation information, simply run the program again and finally click on the Restore button. In this way you can provide a complete backup for your activation keys and can also restore them as and when required.

Along with the above mentioned features which included backup of Retail, OEM and MAK licenses, there are many more features which make this tool really useful. User can also make a backup for various certificates, serials and license files. This tool has a dynamic interface which makes it user friendly and lot easy to use. It is lightweight in nature and it performs the restoring action very fast and accurate. This tool is also programmed with various security features, thus making it a secure tool.

So, you can simply download and install the software from the below given link and can check its features.

Download 7Tokens Manager

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