Backup, Reinstall All Installed Android Phone Applications & Software

The most common issues with high end smartphones is of creating a backup of the data stored in your device as well as restoring all that stuff once you are done with formatting your phone. Similar application that we have reviewed in the past include MobileGo which uses your PC to take backup of all your content present on the phone and a few other apps.

Lately we have noticed a new application present on the Android Market for free and is known as App Backup & Restore. As the name suggests the application creates a backup of all the installed applications on the phone. The same application can also be used to restore applications that you had made a backup of.

App Backup & RestoreApp Backup & Restore1

Opening for the first time, the application takes just a little bit of time to enlist all the applications installed on your device and once it completes that, a similar interface is observed as in the picture above. Every application has a checkbox right in front of it so as to select or deselect it for tasks like backing up and restoration.

To create a backup of applications, just check the boxes on the right for all the respective applications and hit the button Backup Selected Apps present at the bottom of the screen. After the application completes the task of backing up, it places all those applications in the Archived folder from where it can be restored later. Look at the images below to understand the procedure more closely.

App Backup & Restore4App Backup & Restore5

One can also sort the applications through a list of options like ascending names, descending names, by date, size etc. Coming to the list of options in the settings menu of the application, a lot is there to modify according to your convenience. For instance the application allows you to change the path of the folder where the backup files are to be kept. It can also be set on Auto Backup which timely notifies you for a backup to be performed.

App Backup & Restore3App Backup & Restore2

This free applications is extremely useful when it comes to backing up applications and this is a recommended one from us.

Download App Backup & Restore – [Android Market]

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