Backup or Restore Save Game Progress Profile Data

There are times when you just need to format your old computer or just moving to some new computer in such a case windows files and settings transfer will allow to backup all the user data but there is no option to backup saved game progress profile data. In such a case you would need a third party tool which can backup and then later restore the installed game profile data.

GameSave Manager, you can easily backup, restore and transfer your gamesaves. You no longer do you need to manually track through all of the those different directories to backup/restore/transfer your gamesaves, making it great for those who like to share game saved progress with friends/family, format frequently, paranoid about data loss.


It will automatically for detect the games saved profile files and still it does not detect some of your installed game on your computer, you can still add custom games saved profile using the Custom Gamesave Entries

Download GameSave Manager | Alternate Link

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