Backup, Download Google Account Data From Google Servers In Different Google Services

Google has just taken a great initiative which allows you to backup all the data stored across different services of google, this time again they have proved that a user has full control over his/her data on google and they can can exit with their information any time, however we are not sure that if a person exits all data and preferences are deleted from google servers as well.

In case you want to get a brief idea about your google account activity and data, you can check out this page here at google dashboard. Follow the procedure below to know how to download all your data from google services.

1. Go to Google takeout page here and then simply select all your account data to export or save by default as shown in the image below.

6-29-2011 9-07-35 AM

2. Or else you can choose specific services explicitly which you want to backup from google servers.

6-29-2011 9-07-59 AM

3. Once you are done with your selection, click the create archive button which will now form a single archive file which contains all your account data.

6-29-2011 9-32-39 AM

As they day “We believe that if we make it easy for you to leave Google, we have to work just that much harder to make sure that you don’t want to.”

[ Via Google Data Liberation Blog ]

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