Awesome To Do App For Mac OS X

Ticky is a very tiny app for Mac OS X that helps you to manage tasks and to do lists in the simplest way possible.

Ticky has a very bare bones interface, which consists of 2 color-separated areas. One is for task that you have to do, and the other is for tasks that you have already completed.

To create a new task, simply open up Ticky, and press Cmd + N. A small window pops up, where you can enter a one line description for your task.

As soon as you add a new task, it shows up in the top area for tasks that have not been completed yet. To mark a task as ‘done’ or ‘completed’, all you have to do is select it and press Space or Cmd + D. Immediately, the task moves over to the bottom area for ‘completed’ tasks.

A neat feature in Ticky is that it uses Growl to display the number of pending tasks on the dock icon for Ticky. This is a pretty useful feature, and comes in handy when you just want to see if you have any more tasks left for the day, you dont have to bring up the actual window, you can just look at the number of tasks left in the dock.

Another feature of Ticky that is noteworthy is that its main window disappears when Ticky is not in focus. So if are doing something and like your workspace to be neat with minimum clutter, Ticky takes care of it. You enter the task, view previous tasks. As soon as you switch apps, Ticky is gone. To bring it up back again, just switch back to Ticky (using Cmd + Tab or click the icon in the dock).

Comparison with Anxiety

I earlier did an article on another similar task management and to-do app called Anxiety. Both apps are extremely lightweight and are good at what they do. But I am rather sorry to say the Anxiety wins hands-down over Ticky.

Ticky does not have support for multiple lists, which is a major drawback. Also, there is no way to assign a date or time stamp to an event or entry in the lists. Searching of tasks is supported in Ticky, but it is limited to only the ‘to-do’ tasks and not the ones that you have already done, which is rather ridiculous.

Anxiety, on the other hand, provides far superior functionality and is much better designed than Ticky.

Overall, I would recommend Anxiety over Ticky any day. Ticky is a nice app, but needs to improve a lot in terms of both functionality and design.

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