Avoid Being Affected By Google Labs Related Links Shut Down On 25th July 2011

Just got this sad email last night in my email account saying Related Links is going to shut down, it’s a google labs experiment which was running since 1.5 years, we were one of the beta testers of related links, we are still using it on our different blogs including this one on which you are reading this article.

6-24-2011 4-24-20 PM

As google related links teams says in their email below.

“After experimenting with this feature on Google Labs for 1.5 years, we have decided to shut it down on July 25th.  We have learned a lot from users of Related Links, and we hope to incorporate what we learned into future Google products.  We will share our experiences with Related Links with other teams at Google so that we can build more great products for webmasters.”

Google related links has been greatly effective in driving some traffic,  as it is a kind of a widget you can embed on any webpage to promote your website pages or blog posts, however it seems like this experiment did not worked the way google wanted.

So, in case you are using google related links on any of your website, you should remove the code before 25th July 2011 to avoid your website or blog being affected by the shutting down of google related links.

The google related links looks like the code shown below.

<div id="relatedlinks_container_div"></div>
<script language=javascript defer>
  var escFun = window.encodeURIComponent ? window.encodeURIComponent : escape;
  var relatedlinks_js = document.createElement("script");
  relatedlinks_js.setAttribute("charset", "utf-8");
  relatedlinks_js.src = "http://relatedlinks.googlelabs.com/client/client.js?url=" +
      escFun(document.URL) + "&referrer=" + escFun(document.referrer) +
      "&relatedlinks_id=Unique_ID&title=" + escFun(document.title);

You should find and remove any code from your website pages which is similar like the code embedded above as an example to remove related links from your website or blog completely. In case you would like to ask some thing related to related links from google, you can contact at the email id relatedlinks@google.com

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