Automatically Re Run Crashed, Hanged Applications

I was really fed up with the unstable tools which were installed in my system. Whenever I used to keep my laptop turn on for more that 1 or 2 hours, then while turning it off, I was always supposed to give a forced shut down command to my system. Some of the tools hang up, when they are operating for more than certain period. In my system Gtalk used to hang a lot and these problems were always discovered after 1 or half an hour, so I used to miss lot of important instant messages. But, then I came with a solution knows as ‘Restart On Crash’, and this freeware really helped me a lot.

As the name of this tool tells you, that it will restart the application which got hung while running on your system. It will keep monitoring the application selected by you and whenever they stopped operating, then it will restart those tools. While monitoring it will continuously shoe the status of that application, if they are working fine then their status will running.

7-20-2010 11-09-18 AM

When you will launch this tool, you will see an almost blank application window with very few options like add, delete, settings and view log. A blank white gap in the middle of the application window has been allotted for the applications which are being monitored by this tool. When you click the add option, then you can see a similar application window as shown below.

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You can either add a file or you can add an application process from your system. Now, after adding the file, you will have to decide the condition on which this tool will assume that selected application to be crashed. After the selection, you have to adjust the time duration in seconds for which it will wait before killing that process and restarting it. The selected applications will be enlisted in the application window. Now, you can also delete any applications from the list from ‘Delete’ option. You can also view the logs to check that how many times that unstable tool has been restarted.

The size of this tool around 1 Mb and the best past is that, you can use anywhere on any system as this tool is portable. This tool is also compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Restart On Crash

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